TLC Marketing agency culture

Our culture

Party people

We believe happy people create better work. And that great work creates happy clients.
To this end we’re proud of our rewarding culture that allows and encourages peoples personalities to shine through.
All over our world seasonal TLC Marketing parties bring the whole agency together at bars, on dance floors and even on stage with the band.
We’ve  also been known to invite the odd client, so watch out – maybe next time your name will be on the guest list.

Nick, Chairman & Founder


Chairman and Founder - TLC Marketing Worldwide

One aim: to be the best at what I do. I want to make TLC Marketing the best business in any field: the best work, the best place to work, the most admired. This is my passion. This, my family and Arsenal FC.

Alec, Co-founder & CEO, Global


Co-founder and CEO

We love our niche. After all, we created it. My obsession is building global campaigns that break new ground. My passion is ideas that drive sales, whilst rewarding consumers with rewards they want. That and watching Swansea City or walking with my family and Welsh terrier Doris.

Derek, CEO, Middle East & Africa


CEO Middle East & Africa

Everything gets better through teamwork. Working collaboratively we enhance our clients’ ideas often beyond recognition. Plus, working in so many foreign markets you see many ideas in so many perspectives and colours.

Emma, COO, Global


Chief Operations Officer

I live by a mantra of Kai Zen (Continuous Improvement) and relentlessly look for new ways to improve how we work, because no matter how good we get, I know we can always be better! I’m driven by those moments when a plan comes together with a seamless delivery and flawless execution.

Trushna, Global NAV Manager


Global NAV Manager

I thrive on building solid relationships with my peers across multiple geographies and business function to understand, decompose and construct the processes and systems that facilitate efficiency as well as  accuracy in our work.

Mike, CEO, North America and Italy


CEO, North America and Italy

The US presents an immense opportunity for TLC and TRCo. I see the potential here as huge! Our passion for creativity and innovation gives us an unlimited potential and we have earned our place among the leaders in the consumer promotions arena.

John, GM, UK



As GM for the London office, I’m responsible for setting the strategy for the UK business and driving it forward operationally and culturally. I lead a team of highly motivated and talented individuals, making sure we are constantly improving our business and sharing this with our multi sector client base.

Pam, Managing Director, France


Managing Director, France

I’ve been working in TLC since the opening of the French office. What a long way we have come! We are working for the most famous brands in France, offering to consumers innovative experiences with brilliant partners. La vie est belle at TLC.

Alessandro, Managing Director, Italy


Managing Director, Italy

TLC Marketing is not only the leading promotional agency in Italy but a way of life. I’ve been part of this incredible family since 2009 and we’ve worked for some amazing brands, in every single sector.

Richard, Group IT Director, Global


Group IT Director

I love to bring technologies together into a single integrated system; you should only ever enter a piece of information once. Technology does amazing things today and I look forward to tomorrow when it will do even more.

Francisco, Managing Director, Spain


Managing Director, Spain

In TLC Marketing we believe that everything is possible, it is in our team´s DNA and it is one of the reasons why we are leaders in Spain and in the rest of the world. I feel proud to work with leading clients and with exceptional colleagues.

Miguel, CEO, Portugal, Brazil, Spain


CEO Portugal, Brazil & Spain

I always try and focus on growth and opportunity, with confidence and bravery. I feel fortunate to inspire and develop people around me, and believe that our success, as a business, begins at the end of our comfort

Alex, CEO, France & Benelux


CEO, France & Benelux

I came from London to create TLC France in 2005. Today, we are very proud to work with the biggest brands and the happiest clients. Thanks to our unique concept and exceptional results, we’re proud to have been elected “Promotional Marketing Agency of the Year” twice.

Phil, Group Procurement Director, Global


Group Procurement Director

I thrive on challenges. Being told “no” to me is code for “let’s negotiate” so Procurement is a perfect role for me. I aspire to be a better, smarter, stronger and faster version of myself. My goal is for our business to be the one everyone wants to work with.

Hiral, Group Partnerships & Content Manager, Global


Group Partnership & Content Manager

Leading the P&C teams across our world and driving our Independent Networks is something I am hugely proud of; our Product is who we are. Working with 13 markets and a 100 strong team is a challenge but when I see a campaign come to life, it makes it all worthwhile.

Gaby, Group Sales Director, Global


Group Sales Director

Nothing excites me more than seeing our campaigns go live, especially when people say “wow!”. I love the challenge of taking a brief and showing how we can help meet a clients objectives by using our global insights.

Francesca, Group Marketing Director, Global


Group Marketing Director

As Group Marketing Director my role is to lead and motivate the global marketing teams to ensure they optimise local lead generation campaigns whilst growing and sustaining brand equity.
My ultimate objective is to make a very positive and lasting impact on an already inspiring, progressive and commercially successful global business.

Tamlyn, Group Operations Manager, Global


Group Operations Manager

It’s incredibly exciting to drive our global delivery teams, who bring everything together to make our campaigns a reality in the marketplace. I am driven by one goal every day: to make our clients’ & each of their customers’ experience with our campaigns a successful, special and seamless one.

Andres, Global Managing Director, TLC Sport


Global Managing Director, TLC Sport

The best travelling companion is passion, it’s the engine to accomplish everything. Sport has always been a big part of my life, I believe in the power of sport to improve society and enhance the lives of everyone. TLC Sport’s passion is helping brands and sport come together in effective, creative campaigns.

Rob, Group Creative Director, Global


Group Creative Director

What is an idea? If it excites me the chances are it’s an idea, be it a reward, a campaign or simply a clever headline. Whatever it is, it's what makes the work appeal on an emotional level and it’s what I search for everyday.

Aaron, Group Finance Director, Global


Group Finance Director

I love the energy that comes from being part of a company which is growing as quickly as TLC Marketing is. The challenges are daily and the potential is massive, I’m surrounded by an amazing team of professionals which makes every challenge a pleasure.

Katie, Group Operations Director, Global


Group Operations Director

I love the uniqueness of TLC, in its product, its culture and its ‘think global, act local’ feel. I love that we share knowledge, best practice and ideas constantly between markets.

We are one big tight knit team operating in our niche, so we gain a lot from bouncing things off others in the ‘TLC Family’.

My aim is to continue this culture of collaboration, which allows us to create seamlessly delivered campaigns across all of our markets and to use our learnings in implementing new and better ways of operating globally.

Mike, Managing Director Ireland/ Global Loyalty Director


Managing Director Ireland/ Global Loyalty Director

At TLC Loyalty our focus here is to help our clients go beyond customer satisfaction and move to customer enthusiasm and loyalty. We have six golden rules of loyalty which drive our approach, and these are all based on the principal that it’s not about the customer being loyalty to you, but you being loyal to your customer.

Emily, Group HR & Talent Director, Global


Group HR & Talent Director

My passion is people. Working at TLC is extremely rewarding for me as I get to work with fantastic people across our Global network every day. I love finding great Talent to join our team and making TLC the best place to work.

Juliana, Managing Director, Brazil


Managing Director, Brazil

Bringing the TLC Magic formula to Brazil was a huge privilege and every step of our growth makes me very proud.

With passion, hardwork and focus I believe everything is possible. I have big dreams for our Brazillian team.


Tim, Group Plannning Director, Global


Group Plannning Director

I like campaigns that earn their right to your attention. I like people, not “consumers” , and respect their time. For two decades I’ve been insisting that campaigns make sense, make something new, make you smile and make money for our clients.

Richard, Non-Executive Director, TLC Marketing Worldwide


TLC Marketing

l have a passion for working with Entrepreneurs. People with vision and the drive to turn  their dreams into a reality are the lifeblood of the economy. Each member of the TLC team embodies that spirit and their enthusiasm is both inspiring and infectious.

Lisa, Managing Director, B2C Worldwide


Managing Director, B2C Worldwide

Heading up the Business to Consumer division of TLC is a very exciting challenge. We are pioneers, breaking new ground, handpicking the best TLC rewards to create super products, which delight our consumers and deliver huge revenue streams for our Clients. I believe that people buy people and the best business is done with a smile.

Stephan, Managing Director, Benelux


Managing Director, Benelux

I’m passionate about Marketing and media, data and insights. Always thinking from a client’s perspective and focus on results and added value. Next to that, I’m also a bit of an explorer, a sports fanatic, avid reader and family man.

Andrew, CEO, APAC Region



I love managing TLC Asia Pacific – it’s just such an exciting part of the world, and a rapidly growing part of our business. We’re bringing fresh thinking to these markets, working with global brands and doing work I’m personally proud of. The future is very bright.

Tom, Group Financial Controller, Global


Group Financial Controller

I feel privileged to be working with a group of amazing people across the globe, all working towards the same goal. I enjoy the challenge of forever improving and driving forward the finance function, and am fully focused on becoming the best we can be.

Bryn, Mnaaging Director, China


Managing Director, China

I came to China to sell Vodka to a country of people who had never ever tasted it, let alone afford it at the time. Fast forward 8 years and I’ve had an amazing journey growing businesses across China for both agencies and clients alike, growing with the most rapid rise in a global economic force. I thrive on a challenge, and am inspired to build something that I can look back on and be proud of. I always wanted to be a pilot, now I just want to own my own plane and fly it.

Preneshen, Managing Director, South Africa


Managing Director, South Africa

As one of the most successful Managing Directors at TLC Marketing Worldwide, Preneshen is passionate about fearless leadership, as great leaders create new great leaders.

Andrew, Group Partnerships Director, Global


Group Partnerships Director

Andrew on-boards international partners and works closely with our local managers to ensure we are maximising every commercial angle every time; and what really drives him the most is seeking those Golden moments when both TLC and the partner find incredible success.

Claudia, Managing Director, Germany


Managing Director, Germany

What I love about TLC Marketing is that I get to work with the world’s most amazing brands across all different types of segments. No day is like the other and it’s exciting and challenging to develop campaigns and solutions that addresses our clients’ needs  - be it sales uplift, loyalty or engagement. Our  business is incredibly fast paced and so we have to react extremely fast, be proactive, reliable and efficient.

Ashley, Group Parnetship & Content Director, Global


Group Parnetship & Content Director

As Group Partnership & Content Director, I am responsible for setting the global strategy and overseeing its implementation. I am extremely passionate about partnerships, or rather “brand match-making”, for me it’s all about finding that common ground; shared brand dna and synergetic targets, all whilst getting to the heart of the brands’ wants and needs. We have a team of extremely talented individuals that are constantly striving to create the freshest and most exciting brand matches, around all around the world.


In any agency people are the lifeblood. In a global team more so.