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Deception vs. Perception

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 13 May

"Things are not what they seem.” We’ve all heard it growing up while learning life’s lessons. And though it appears to be a deceitful and alarming concept, it’s actually become the most effective tool in the marketplace’s arsenal in recent years and marketers have categorized it with two simple words: perceived value.

Every year, we as consumers become more accustomed to how much a bottle of shampoo is worth, or what we might pay for a 12 pack of beer. Commodities like these products are easy to put a price tag on, but what about the everyday experiences and activities that we love and share in our free time? Can you put a price tag on that?

Here at TLC we believe that you can…in the consumer’s mind. Take the Back to School period for example. The Office Depots and Staples of the world will be packed with people looking to stock up on pens, 5 subject notebooks and 3-ring binders. Shoppers are out looking for the best deals based on what they’ve always known and spent – but what about adding a bit more product value this year?

A pack of blue, yellow, green, or pink (choose wisely) Post-its is worth around $8.99– but what happens when you tack on a free photo shoot the your family?

A Texas Instruments scientific calculator is worth $15.99 – but how about when you throw in free pizza delivery with every purchase?

Suddenly the product value is amplified. And it’s not because we’re giving you a few cents or dollars back, it’s because we’re giving you time with your family, or a moment for yourself, or a new adventure or memory to save for a lifetime.

But here’s the best part – what if your brand could deliver those high perceived-value (yet normally pricey) experiences for just pennies on the dollar to every consumer? Now we’ve got ourselves a winning headline.

Though we don’t consider trickery or condone deception, we do believe in marketing a high-perceived value experience, while paying minimal dollars for it. So that's exactly what we do for the biggest brands; adding value without adding debt. A simple equation for a simple solution.

No need for a scientific calculator after all.

Written by Molly Schlinger