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¿Qué está haciendo tu marca este Mes de la Herencia Hispana?

Posted by amy.robson | 01 September

What is your brand doing over Hispanic Heritage Month? September 15 to October 15 is a critical time to make sure you distinguish yourself from other promotions. It’s important to break through the noise and build an immediate connection with your consumers. 

Over 73% of Hispanics consider it extremely important that brands recognize and celebrate at this time, offering promotions that are truly specific to Hispanic culture.

During the month, 44% of Hispanics will celebrate in the home, 44% will attend Latino music concerts, 35% will celebrate their roots at festivals and celebrations organized by government groups, academic organizations (25%) and employers (10%).* It’s important your brand is center stage at these celebrations. 

It's often hard for U.S. born Hispanic Millennials in particular to feel close to their roots. In fact, only 31% reported that they truly felt close to their Latino culture, food and drink in particular helping Hispanics connect with their roots. Why not offer a free Dining Card to incentivize purchase?

We want to use our global partnerships to entertain your customers, provoke action, engagement and excitement around your brand. Let’s talk about connecting on a more emotional level with relevant experiences like Live Events, Digital Entertainment, Sports Events and Cinema rewards.

Engage with promotions, help to express the special blend of Latino and U.S culture with a fresh approach.

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