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#stopbrandcruelty – Join The Movement Today

Posted by lorraine.bobek | 19 September

All over the world, thousands of helpless brands endure humiliation and abuse at the hands of the retailers and marketers whose job it is (ironically) to protect them. 

However, by thoughtlessly slapping discounts and coupons on said brands’ products, they’re causing damage that is both immense, and irreparable.


Together, we can stop this inhumane treatment. Join the movement today and align with a powerful group of like-minded people whose mission it is to #stopbrandcruelty.



With 25+ years of experience and 20 offices around the globe, we specialize in driving sales and building major brands like yours by rewarding your consumers with lifestyle-relevant, meaningful experiences that are rich in both emotion and value.


Contact Lorraine Bobek at lorraine.bobek@tlcmarketing.com to get involved.