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Dipping our toe into Neuromarketing

Posted by tamar.riley | 20 October

"Neuromarketing" has been a buzz word for the last few years, particularly fuelled by Admap's hunger to get marketers to understand this science and bring it into our agencies. According to Thom Noble, founder of NeuroStrata we've now reached our 'dipping point' (according to him we're now ready to dip our toe in the water to test it out).

TLC Marketing had the pleasure of listening to Thom earlier this week at the Warc event in London. At the event he was joined on stage by Michael E Smith, VP at Nielsen Neuro. The discussion covered uses of fMRI, coding and EEG and how together these tools can build a picture of unconcious consumer reactions. 

A few companies are now starting to employ this technology to test concepts, together with planners to create effective campaigns. As the price tag of using this technology decreases many agencies are considering the use of this technology, here at TLC we're not diving in straight away but I'm sure it won't be long before our planners are paddling.