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Wearables for Christmas 2014?

Posted by tamar.riley | 07 November

Here at TLC we're all debating the next top Christmas gift/ toy for this year... and there's one buzzword we keep hearing - wearables.

According to Futuresource's new report the wearables market has seen strong growth in 2014 to date with worldwide shipments in Q3 totalling 12.6m units, up 39% from 9.8m in Q3 2013.

Futuresource expects full year wearables sales of 52m units across all wearables categories, up 32% year-on-year.

But this is a product category that over the last few years that has only seen early adopters, keen athletes and Google employees on board...but it's about to snowball into the mainstream in a big way - the question is when.

Will it be this Christmas?

The launch of the Apple watch is the most anticipated of them all, but are Apple missing a big trick with their timing? 'launching early 2015' means they'll miss the Christmas spend - but will their competitors gain share?

As part of a 6 month study, PriceWaterhouseCoopers asked 1,000 consumers to share how they feel about the wearables market, and found that 59 percent of them were most excited by Apple's entry into the market. Significantly more than any other wearable launches.

But that doesn't mean other brands will be left in the cold - Apple only accounts for 12% of the smartphone market globally. 

Andy Griffiths, president of Samsung UK and Ireland, was quoted "As the benefits wearable technology can offer become better understood, it is natural that the sales within this sector will grow and we are delighted to see predictions of 121 per cent growth and sales reaching £313.6 million in the UK alone by the end of this year."

Of these UK sales, fitness and activity trackers are predicted to make up the bulk of the Christmas wearable gift rush - so as consumers we're not yet fully embracing the breadth of functionalities out there.

PWC have predicted that Christmas 2015 will be the true boom for wearables, not this year ... and we're inclined to agree with them.