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Will your brand make the cut?

Posted by danielle.gamage | 15 September

In an increasingly hectic and busy world, we can often forget to make time for ourselves. TLC Marketing also know that customers want added value from brands*. As we are in the partnerships business we have combined these two findings, to create a high-value reward your brand can offer to incentivise customer engagement. 

Introducing our exclusive Professional Hair Network. Made up of independent salons, small chains and professional hair stylists across the UK and Ireland. We are now able to offer their services as the latest self-indulgent reward for your customers. With the average value standing at anything from £25, this rich reward and its high perceived value, will certainly stand a cut above price led and discounting alternatives. 

The network was created to help brands, particularly those in fashion, beauty and well-being stand out in a competitive marketplace. A rich reward like a free haircut or blow-dry can help your customers not only feel great about themselves, but about you as a brand who has given them that feeling. We believe brands should wash out price cutting sins and think more about delivering an experience that brings their brand ethos to life. 

Gone are the days of storytelling. It's time to start story-doing. Consumers are preferring experiences over possessions. The Professional Hair Network was created so your customers could be immersed in a feel-good experience they’ll look back on; talk about with family and friends, and recommend to others.

So what are you waiting for? Treat your customers to the hair care treat they deserve. 

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can bring your brand to life through our exclusive reward networks.

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*75% of consumes liked the “Added value” associated with rewards. Source Toluna Reward and Loyalty Promotional Index 1,500 sample, April 2015. For more details on this research get in touch with our Strategic Planning Director Ben Fillery.