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Ben Fillery, Planning Director, TLC Marketing UK & Ireland

Revealed: what's it like working as a Planning Director?

Posted by emma.critchley | 04 May

Two years ago, Ben Fillery joined TLC Marketing as a Strategic Planner. Today he celebrates his anniversary as Planning Director of our UK and Ireland business. Ben is not your typical Director, but then TLC is not your typical agency. Our last Christmas party was themed “Trashy Classy”, Ben came into the office as normal, claiming he’d forgotten all about the dress code. As the rest of us were busy sticking TLC tattoos on our neck, Ben slipped away to the bathroom and emerged as a 6ft 8, multi-coloured pimp, strutting in with a cane, platforms and lots of leopard print as if it was perfectly normal. But that's our Ben.

So we couldn’t help but find out from one of TLC’s biggest characters, what his biggest moments have been over the last two years. 

What is your favourite thing about working at TLC?

For me it is the culture

TLC has a very strong entrepreneurial spirit that is unparalleled in other integrated agencies I have worked at. The relatively flat structure means decisions can be made at pace without layers of bureaucracy. If anyone has a good idea they can get stuck in. Very much a case of asking for forgiveness rather than permission.  

This entrepreneurial spirit crackles with energy that radiates around the office. Making TLC an infectiously fun and vibrant place to work.

What is the best thing about your role?

The best thing about my role is working on the enormous variety of clients. 

The sheer volume of brands that want to engage with TLC is again, something I have never seen before at previous agencies. TLC work on categories as diverse as Insurance to FMCG and every other category in between. 

All these different brands come with different challenges that require different skills from a planners toolbox. My role on any given day is incredibly diverse and could include; brainstorming, conducting research, evaluating trends, data analysis, developing strategy, channel planning, writing briefs, creative conceptualising and presenting in client pitch proposals. 

Rather than being pigeon holed as a particular type of planner such as a shopper, digital or brand planner, TLC allows me to straddle multiple disciplines and channels so that I can realise the skills needed to being what I describe as being an 'Elastic Planner'. This freedom of expression is in essence what really makes this role so enjoyable.

Ben we love having you around, and can't wait to see what attire you'll bring to our annual TLC summer party.

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