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Rob Scott, Group Creative Director at TLC Marketing Worldwide

What really counts when your customer reaches the purchasing tipping point? 

Posted by emma.critchley | 24 May

As sales targets continue to grow and retention and churn figures are analysed minute by minute, what relevance does creative hold in the buying process?

Rob Scott, Group Creative Director will be demonstrating unusual ways a creative strategy can be exploited beyond obvious channels at the Insurance Marketing and PR Conference on 10th June. 

The basic fundamentals of marketing have changed in the past decade. There is a stronger need to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. It’s not just about analysing data and targeting your ‘audience segment’. It’s about being human and ‘real’ and not compromising on your brand personality.

From internal communications to advertising to customer service, Rob will unpick real life examples, putting the best of the best together to reveal tips on how you can implement a winning creative strategy of your own.

The Insurance Marketing and PR Conference is a half day forum taking place in the morning before the Insurance Marketing and PR Awards, a Post and InsuranceAge event. Aimed at creating professional development and networking opportunities it will facilitate the sharing of ideas within the insurance community and promote excellence in insurance marketing, communications and PR.

Read an exclusive interview with Rob Scott. If you have any questions for Rob, feel free to get in touch.

Buy tickets for the Insurance Marketing and PR Conference by getting in touch with Dean Cousins at Incisive Media.