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the number of cinemagoers is in gradual decline since 2009 and TLC can help

The unequal UK box office

Posted by claire.charruau | 21 May

Only just over 1 out of 2 people (53%) go to the cinema at least once every six months in the UK, the Deloitte Media Consumer Survey reveals.

At TLC we read with a  lot of interest Deloitte’s 2014 Media Consumer Survey published this month. The really positive survey highlights the exceptional performances and outstanding use of technology that have propelled UK talent to many awards at the Oscars as well as numerous UK actors and actresses leading light on the silver screen.

However, one of the figures that caught our eye is the decreasing number of cinemagoers; in gradual decline since 2009!
According to the survey, it is due to “a combination of price rises and falling incomes” which makes cinema less accessible. The survey points out that since 2007/8, the cost of a ticket has risen 4.4% a year – more than the 3.1% UK inflation rate.
And with TLC UK based in London we know it is rare to pay less than £10 per person for a movie night (and it does not include popcorn). The Evening Standard even wrote about it last night in article by Gideon Spanier: Cinema “too expensive for many people” .

In line with this high-stakes topic, TLC has created a unique cinema reward with an unlimited perceived value: The Take Two card. Card holders enjoy a free cinema voucher for every cinema voucher they buy. And the Take Two card is valid in a network of over 100 venues.
The Take Two card has already been successfully used by our clients in added value promotions and our insight suggests that card holders used the cinema card an average of 14 times a year – saving them over £120.

We can make it happen for your products! Imagine if they could all come with a free Take Two card… Get in touch today to try our TAKE TWO card for yourself or discover more fantastic TLC rewards and find out how you could reward your customers.

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The Deloitte Media Consumer Survey presents view on the major trends that are impacting the media landscape and how the UK population ‘consumes’ media. To access the full report, visit: www.deloitte.co.uk/mediaconsumer2