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TLC raise £165 for Sport Relief

TLC raise £163 for Sport Relief

Posted by emma.critchley | 22 March

Friday 18th March saw the TLC Marketing UK get sporty in their pyjamas. Everyone from global heads to senior executives came to work in their pyjamas, dressing gowns and animal onesies all in aid of Sport Relief. 

Sport Relief is a charity event which comes around every other year, from the same organisers as Comic Relief. For a three day period, and in association with sponsors and celebrities, the world of sport and entertainment come together to raise money for vulnerable people both the UK and across the globe. 

This year TLC ran two fundraising initiatives from their London and Swansea offices. Staff who donated £5 could come to work in their pyjamas, onesies or dressing gowns. Those who braved animal onesies on the Tube were relieved to finally be amongst their fellow cows, leopards and bears once they got into the office – turns out Londoners weren’t as impressed with Georgie’s unicorn onesie as we were.  

The second was a press up challenge with an extra day annual leave up for grabs, courtesy of our MD, for the person who completed the most full press ups. To qualify, each press up had to touch Emma’s closed fist on the ground. Staff donated £5 to enter and as Eye of The Tiger pumped out of our office Sonas system, contenders skipped into the centre, dressing gown ties flapping at their sides, like a world title depended on it. The event was covered on our Twitter and the day raised a total of £165 for Sport Relief.

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