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Verve and Virgin Media

TLC Marketing joins forces with Verve and Virgin Media

Posted by danielle.gamage | 12 September

TLC Marketing are delighted to be working on an exciting promotional campaign alongside the launch of Virgin Media IMO Smartphones.

Virgin Media has partnered with new London-based smartphone brand, IMO (In My Opinion) to release two smartphones, IMO Q and IMO S, and one mobile hotspot product in the UK. Virgin Media will be IMO’s exclusive network partner for launch.   

Together with TLC Marketing, Virgin Media and IMO’s parent company, Verve Connect, will be rewarding the customers who purchase IMO S at launch with a digital tastecard worth £79.99. Customers can now simultaneously enjoy on-the-go connectivity and access 2-for-1 or 50% off in over 6,500 restaurants nationwide. 

The IMO Q and IMO S handsets appeal to families, young people and smartphone late adopters, bringing outstanding Android phones into “pocket money” range. These new Android-powered handsets will be the latest addition to Virgin Media’s current mobile offering, providing customers with more affordable smartphone options. Virgin Media offers the UK’s most flexible Freestyle mobile tariffs, enabling its customers to move their tariff up or down each month to suit their needs. 

Having launched on 5th September, the smartphones are available first from Virgin Media with prices starting from just £29.99 on prepay for the IMO Q, a 4” smartphone and £8.50 per month on contract for the IMO S with a 5” screen. Alongside the two handsets, the IMO Go, a mobile hotspot product, will also be available at £24.99 plus a monthly tariff. 

Annie Brooks, Director of Mobile at Virgin Media, said “From our freestyle contracts to our Virgin Wi-Fi app, we are always looking for new ways to give our customers the best deals possible. With IMO we’re bringing an exciting, fresh mobile brand into the UK and helping our customers to enjoy on-the-go connectivity, with quality smartphones at an affordable price.”  

“Our objective is to offer the best value smartphones without any sacrifice in quality or functionality,” said Nigel Whitehead, IMO’s Head of Sales and Propositions. “IMO devices and features are all defined in the UK, with the specific aim of enabling young people to own a smartphone that won’t break the bank, or worry parents reluctant to give their children phones that can cost significantly more. In Virgin Media we have a network partner whose strong portfolio vision and focus on customer satisfaction mirrors our own”.  

TLC Marketing are looking forward to seeing how this campaign increases sales for Verve and Virgin Media. 

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