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Cinema makes people happier researched has revealed

Reel happiness - cinema makes people happier researched has revealed

Posted by phemmie.wilkinson | 05 November

Cinema makes people happier. Fact. * Findings from research commissioned by Warc captured “happiness levels” for five different channels and established that these were highest before, and highest after the cinema, leading to a positive impact on levels of engagement and creating a uniquely valuable environment for brands to engage.

Understanding happiness is something society has wrestled with since time immemorial. What some of this qualitative research found is that people weren’t simply being entertained in the cinema, they were strengthening relationships and focusing on this shared experience. In doing so respondents identified their visit to the cinema had helped them to address some of the pressures of life that impact negatively on their overall happiness.

So happiness matters to people, therefore it should matter to brands looking to connect emotionally with consumers. And we know going to the cinema makes them happy…so what are you waiting for?  

At TLC we have created a unique cinema reward – Take Two, which allows customers unlimited 2 for 1 entry for free and access all year long to excellent of over 100 nationwide cinemas.

The Take Two card has already been successfully in number of our client promotions saving their customers on average £120!

Want to know more?  Get in touch to try our TAKE TWO card for yourself on lets.talk@tlcmarketing.com