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Posted by sophie.hockridge | 26 February

Ahhh the month of love. Hearts, red roses, big teddy bears, chocolates and plenty of prosecco. Whether you are head over heels or sickened by the whole thing, Valentine’s Day is unescapable. This month we are sharing some alternative ways to spread a little love, whether that is with your mates, the environment or indulging in some self-care.

For those of you who are new to ONES TO WATCH here’s a bit about what you can expect. Each month we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre! Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.

For the gals

Starting as we mean to go on with the exact opposite of Valentine’s Day; Galentine’s Day. For the blissfully coupled up February 14th is great, but for the singles not so much. No longer! Celebrated the day before on February 13th this is a chance to celebrate our long-standing relationships with our friends. The girls that are by our side through thick and thin. A day dedicated to spending time together with the help of events across the country. This year we spotted everything from pink ball pit parties to themed bottomless brunches and plenty of kitsch gifts and cards. Looks like next year we'll all be hungover on Valentine’s and not actually caring about Sheila in the office getting a helium heart balloon delivered from her husband. Bye bye Sheila.

For your home

Home is such a wonderful place, always kind to us at the end of a tiring day so let’s show it a little love back. One of the most pinned interior design trends for this year takes the urban jungle to new heights. Literally. Namely vertical wall gardens because why would we restrict them to the floor? Perfect for even one bedroom maisonette flats, all you need is a blank wall and you can create your own foliage display. Not only do they brighten up the place, house plants have been proven to help with our mental health and physical health by keeping the air in our homes cleaner. For the inner plant lady in all of us, this is also a good way to squeeze in a few more succulents.

For the planet

Bees will save the world. Fact! These incredible creatures have been a big focus in the sustainability conversations as without them our whole eco-system would fail to exist as it does, hence several ‘save the bees’ initiatives. However they are even more amazing in helping us save our planet by reducing one common plastic product, cling film. The new zero waste trend to sting the nation is replacing the plastic wrap with reusable beeswax wraps. Not only entirely natural but giving it a whole other use besides candles. So the next time you have leftover Sunday roast consider covering it with something more eco-friendly and ditching the cling film. We are buzzing about this!

For everyone

Hugggs for everyone! No that isn’t a gross misspelling but the name of a new app our Partnership Director Elise spotted recently. Huggg is a magical platform that lets you send digital treats to say thank you, cheer up someone’s day or simply because you are a nice person. These digital treats are transformed into the real thing when the code is taken along to the venue and scanned. In other words, digital coffee treats can be exchanged for a real cup of hot goodness or a digital doughnut becomes a delicious Crosstown Doughnut for your sweet toothed friends. Huggg’s can be received as an SMS or via Whatsapp or social media so there are plenty of ways to share the love.

For you

Finally be good to yourself with a little love for that sexy smile. Bite has completely reinvented a product that we all use at least twice a day; toothpaste. Instead of clunky tubes filled with messy paste, these small bite size pills are not only better for your smiles with charcoal versions available but also better for your wallet and for the planet. One billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfill every year but with a Bite subscription this can be changed. Arriving to your door in cool-branded glass bottles and sent back to be refilled, viola! Now if that doesn’t make you smile what will?

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