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Ones To Watch #11

Ones to Watch Greatest Hits Edition

Posted by sophie.hockridge | 13 December

The end of the year is fast approaching. Most of us are now in full festive swing, trees have been awkwardly assembled in your workplace reception area and office gossip has turned to what everyone got up to at the Christmas party. Before ONES TO WATCH takes a break for the jolly holidays, we have taken the liberty of rounding up our most popular trends for the year, based on what you guys clicked on the most. A greatest hits if you will. No surprise that this includes booze, yoga, holidays and avocados. A good reflection of 2018 as a whole.

For those of you who are new to ONES TO WATCH here’s a bit about what you can expect. Each month we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre! Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.


So let’s start with booze, because that is usually a good place to start when you want people to keep reading. With the ongoing popularity of immersive everything, such as Roald Dahl dining and Alice Underground, the team at The Berkeley Hotel have combined our love of these events with our love of cocktails. Genius! You and three of your most esteemed friends can enjoy the ‘Out of the Blue’ experience, which combines all the senses to enhance the flavours of the cocktails on offer. Transporting you on a mixology journey without leaving London. As you can imagine the price tag is pretty hefty, but keep a look out for other bars following suit, soon it will be the next bottomless brunch. One thing is for sure the smells and sights will be better than the ones down the local pub!


From cocktails to something that can help you work off the hangover. I’ve tried yoga in the past and enjoyed it, but as someone who struggles to keep still, all that standing in one spot got a bit boring. Enter Disco Yoga! All the benefits that yoga brings but with classic disco tunes and some killer dance moves. Cover yourself in glitter, don some neon leg warmers and embrace your inner John Travolta. A really good way to shimmy off the stresses of the day with high energy instructors. We tried it out for ourselves and with more instructors signing up across the UK this new alternative way of keeping fit could be coming to a town near you soon, best dust off the white flares.


Fed up of the dark days and bad weather, our minds have drifted to warm summer holidays. Until we remembered all the painful planning involved. If you are brave enough however, save yourself all the travel admin and book through Lucky Trip. With this easy app, you simply select your budget and let them decide where you are going, finding you flights via Skyscanner and accommodation via Booking.com. This game of holiday roulette is not for the faint-hearted but is popular with millennials who want to try something new minus the research. Now all you have to worry about is which bikini to pack.


The term reminds me of blancmange but luckily stands for something much less revolting than wobbly milk. When it comes to travelling for business nobody really enjoys it, no matter what you tell your boss. You barely see anything outside of the four boardroom walls, which is why more and more people are extending their trips over the weekend to make the most of the city and experience more than endless Powerpoint slides. This combination of business and leisure has coined the aforementioned term ‘bleisure.’ Hotels and travel companies are already tapping into this trend adding leisure rewards into their loyalty schemes to encourage the regular work visitors to stay that little bit longer. Not that we needed an excuse to!


For all you hipster brunchers out there, who can’t function on a weekend before poached eggs atop of sourdough – your smashed avocado dreams are about to become a reality. Taking the danger out of cutting an avocado are the pioneers of stylish yet functional design Joseph Joseph. Their avocado tool, created following the increase in demand of the green brunch hype, allows you to open, de-stone, scoop and slice all in one. Since launch the product has consistently featured in top 10 lists of the coolest and best kitchen gadgets. We tried it out for ourselves in the office for a Friday breakfast and can confirm it is genius. No longer is there a need to risk a finger or thumb plus a quicker way to get your avocado fix! 

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