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Is the customer the new CEO? Strategy director Tim Lawler reveals his thoughts in The DRUM

Is the customer the new CEO? Strategy director Tim Lawler reveals all

Posted by phemmie.wilkinson | 19 June

Our very own global strategy director Tim asks whether the customer really is the new CEO in industry publication The DRUM...

With NPS fast becoming the go-to index of marketing ROI for CEOs – and other three-letter abbreviations on the march – it’s about time.   

 British Gas actually refer to NPS as being their “religion” and their (yes…) DNA. Metro Bank claims a 100% customer focus, citing profit as “the by-product of amazing customer experience”. Their aim is to “create fans not customers”. (Insight taken from Marketing Magazine’s CX Edge Conference).

Another encouraging example regularly arrives in my inbox from (wait for it…) TFL, who are “turning big data into customer experience” by asking intelligent questions of the pearls Oyster hides in its insight-rich shell. Bethnal Green tube now sees 5% lower footfall in the busiest times because this insight was translated into action – as in, “Dear Tim, we’ve noticed you tend to tap in around 08.12. If you could bring yourself to arrive a bit earlier, say 07.49, you’d find you actually get onto the first train through.” That 5% translates into a lot of gruntled travellers. 

So yes, we’ve moved a long way from feudal to democratic, with positive results on balance. But to claim that this makes the customer “the new CEO” is still something of a stretch...

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