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IDMA Loyalty Conference shows us how to show customers the love

IDMA Loyalty Conference reveals how to show customers the love

Posted by phemmie.wilkinson | 05 November

How do we make people really feel loved? How do we win their hearts and minds? We met the experts at the IDMA Loyalty Conference in Dublin to find out from the leaders, innovators, challengers, and disruptors what tips and tricks really ensure customers to be loyal.


1.The D-word

In one word. Data.  But not the scary ‘big data’ stuff, it’s the ‘small data’ we need to pay attention to (Tim France, ceo iProspect).   Data itself is neither emotional nor inspirational, but what it tells you is. By truly understanding what the data represents, you can uncover a wealth of insights that will help you build a real lasting relationship.


2.Harvest the fields of gold

Sean Collins, head of CRM and loyalty insight at Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland knows the power of making data more meaningful.  SuperValu has challenged the top grocery retail spot in Ireland for their Real rewards program through their creative use of this data – copy and personalisation through the channel of direct mail has fashioned a marketing stealth weapon that can cut through the noise and get to the heart of the consumer.


3.Loyalty is a commodity

‘Loyalty is a commodity,’ says Leanne Papaioannou, md of Loyalty Agency Chilli Pepper.   Customers are a savvy, demanding bunch - they expect to be rewarded for their loyalty.  Brands need to show a customer that you sincerely value them, and most importantly understand them, then you’ll feel their devotion. The first step is uncovering their needs, wants and desires, and then it’s up to you to surprise and delight them.


4.Play the game

‘Learn and earn’ – says Fiona Hefferman, head of Post media at An Post.  If you want to win customers hearts and minds you need to say closely tuned to not only what they need and want, but also your industry, and importantly competitors.  To stay one step ahead you must consistently analyse and measure your customers’ engagements and reward accordingly.  


5.Reward the loyal

How to show the love…REWARDS!  But not any old stuff will do, ensure they are relevant, personalised, have a high perceived value, and importantly simple to understand and redeem – that’s where TLC comes in!  James Reilly, loyalty marketing manager at Electric Ireland talked about the golden combination of reward partnerships, sponsorship activation related rewards and third party rewards in their successful ‘Powering Rewards’ loyalty programme.


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