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How to execute a global b2b communications strategy

Posted by emma.critchley | 31 May

On the 21st April, TLC Marketing became the first promotional marketing agency to win a Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade. In light of our prestigious and rare award win we changed our worldwide logo to royal blue and devised our first global communications strategy spanning nine international markets, with the aim of increasing inbound opportunities and driving social media engagement. So how did we do?

Born out of the UK office, (also home to TLC HQ), a calendar of creative multi-channel activity was devised and shared with the other PR & Marketing Managers across the world. A combination of targeted direct mail, email, social media and press coverage was planned and adapted to suit each market.

"Winning a Queen's Award is not something many agencies get the privilege of experiencing" begins Emma Critchley, PR & Marketing Manager UK and Ireland, "So we had to devise a plan that covered every angle and enabled the widest reach. The International Trade accolade, instantly makes everyone in our global agency feel involved, so it was briefed during our monthly conference call and everyone got on board.”

We began with a creative teaser on Twitter and LinkedIn, alluding to the fact that our logo will soon be available in royal blue. “Changing our logo to royal blue and broadcasting it across our global website and social media pages was a no brainer” starts Rob Scott, Group Creative Director, “Winning this award is a big honour, and so changing our logo to a colour synonymous with royalty was to reciprocate that honour and respect back to Her Majesty. Agencies rarely change their logos, but when they do it’s usually gone through a laborious internal process. We’re independent so we can have a bit of fun with our branding and do what we want really.” 

The teaser performed really well with an engagement rate 85% higher than what LinkedIn state as the average for a company page update*. On Twitter it performed even better with an engagement rate of 2.7%, well above the average of 0.03%.**

On the 21st April, the embargo was lifted, and a direct mail landed on the desks of UK clients. In collaboration with one of our rewarding partners the DM encouraged clients to celebrate with TLC Marketing and claim a free drink. “We saw an immediate response rate of 5% from the direct mail,” Emma reports, “however as the campaign progressed the response rate rose to 10%, soaring well above the UK average of 4%***. Clients were not just congratulating us, but they were also enquiring about our rewarding partner as a potential match for their own promotional campaign.” 

TLC Marketing Africa localised their approach with one of their reward partners offering 90 vouchers worth 90 Rand, one for every year the Queen has been with us. Supriya Singh, PR and Marketing Manager Africa explains, “Although the Queen’s Award for Enterprise comes from the UK, the award was won for International Trade, so it is important we unify and really demonstrate the reasons why we won this award in the first place.” 

There is still a lot to be done to be done to fine tune this global strategy, but as a first attempt the results certainly speak for themselves. Emma concludes, “You can achieve a lot as a PR and Marketing team of one, but you can achieve a hell of a lot more if you have a team of supportive peers at your side willing to get behind your campaign. This wouldn’t have achieved half of the success it did without the enthusiasm of everyone at TLC, and that it down to the culture of our agency. It’s something money can’t buy”.

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*** http://dma.org.uk/article/why-direct-mail-in-the-21st-century-1