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From brand side to agency life. Our PR and Marketing Manager one year on.

From brand side to agency life. Our PR and Marketing Manager one year on.

Posted by danielle.gamage | 18 November

Not one to sit on the side-lines Emma is one of the world’s ‘Joiner-Inners’ and although she’s only been in the agency world for a year, she's a natural fit. As well as writing our award entries she crafts our press releases, crafts our website content and everything else that comes in the b2b marketing mix. 

As an agency we are more visible than ever so we sit down with Emma to find out what she thinks about the jump from brand side to agency life.

What’s your favourite thing about working for TLC Marketing? 

If you’ve been following the TLC anniversaries series you’ll know that hands down everyone’s favourite thing about working for TLC is the people. I’m not about to change that tradition. I'm extremely lucky to come into an office where everyone just gets on with one another. It's like a family. The best way to explain it to you is when I suggested we should go on a team bonding day out, the response I got was, “Team bonding! We don’t need to do any more bonding. We actually need un-bonding” 

The reason for all of this is the culture we have created for ourselves. We have a Chairman and CEO who are very active in the day to day running of the business and can actually be seen; daily. There are so many businesses where the people at the top work from home and are only ever seen if they're popping into the office for a meeting. The genuine interest that HQ management take in what you’re doing feeds down to local teams and means we're left feeling comfortable in expressing new ideas and suggestions that could help shape the way we run our business. 

What is the best thing about your role? 

There are so many.

My role is quite unique, doing the PR and Marketing for the agency as opposed to working directly on campaigns. My job is to raise the profile of TLC Marketing which I love because it means I can get away with doing some pretty awesome and at times, risqué stuff. And it’s fun. This year alone we’ve held a parrot ransom, sent a giant chip fork in the post, changed our logo to royal blue and offered free taxidermy for a pet insurer, but none of it would have been possible without the help of the whole team. Going to our creative team with a half-baked idea and then seeing it come to life is a luxury I never had brand side and one I will never get bored of.

I can’t finish without mentioning the feeling when you hear your name being called out at an awards ceremony. Going through the awards entry process was a totally new thing for me, and it’s tough. No matter how much planning you put into it, you’re always still sat there at the 11th hour finishing it off, checking and checking again. But if you’re lucky enough to get announced as the winner, and since being at TLC we’ve been lucky seven times, it makes the late night shift totally worth it.

TLC Marketing announced as finalists in the IMC European awards 2016

Winners: Promotional Marketing Agency of the Year as voted for by clients

Continental and Pallas Foods shortlisted for The Drum Network Awards