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The new Direct Line promotion powered by TLC Marketing Consumers can receive the Direct Line Take Two cinema card

Do you treat yourself or your pet?

Posted by claire.charruau | 20 May

The new Direct Line promotion powered by TLC Marketing presents customers with the toughest choice of all: do they treat their pet or do they treat themselves?

Kirsty Hoad, Direct Line Pet Senior Marketing Consultant, told TLC: “In a very price-driven market, we are really excited to run a fun and engaging promotion. Our customers are savvy and they crave good experiences, we strongly believe this new promotional campaign will bring that to them”.

Nigel Samson, TLC Group Account Director added “The Direct Line campaign is a perfect example of how TLC help brands become experience-facilitators, finding the right reward to create emotional and experiential connections with their customers”.

If they choose to treat their pet, Direct Line customers will receive a £20 voucher to use at one of the UK’s #1 pet suppliers which offers a huge range of dog and cat products.

If they choose to treat themselves, they will receive a Direct Line Take Two cinema card. With this card, customers can get up to ten cinema vouchers per day for a full year: we are really talking unlimited cinema!

The vouchers are purchased online on a Direct Line branded promotional microsite, and can be chosen from the TLC national network of over 100 cinema venues including Picturehouse, Reel, Showcase and Empire cinemas.

To qualify for the offer, customers have to purchase Direct Line Pet Insurance online between 24th February and 31st March 2014.

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Direct Line

Started in 1985, Direct Line became the first UK insurance company to use the telephone as its main channel of communication. It provides car, home, travel and pet insurance cover direct to customers by phone or online. Direct Line and UK Insurance limited are both part of Direct Line Insurance Group plc.