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TLC Marketing partner with Wuaki.TV

Create blockbuster campaigns with Wuaki.tv

Posted by emma.critchley | 22 December

TLC Marketing have announced their partnership with video-ondemand service Wuaki.tv enabling their clients to launch blockbuster campaigns. The new partnership will combine the impact of the revolutionary Wuaki.tv service and TLC Marketing’s expertise in building sales promotion, acquisition and retention campaigns.

Customers will have access to over 1,200 films, “Our clients need to build a more comprehensive relationship with their customers by offering something  which earns emotional engagement. Wuaki.tv does just that. Opening up a world of film promotions. Whether it's a 2 for 1 card or credit for a film rental  we’re seeing more and more customer demand for streaming services so we’re delighted to work with the best in the business” says Andrew Spratley Group Partnership Director at TLC Marketing.  


This partnership will strengthen the position of TLC Marketing as the world leader in delivering lifestyle rewards and the integrated campaigns that amplify them. It will also extending Wuaki.tv’s brand awareness and revenue growth.  

Wuaki.tv is a video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service, offering hours of high quality movies for streaming. Wuaki.tv’s extensive catalogue includes content from major Hollywood studios, local distributors and independent labels. The company is headquartered in Barcelona and currently operates in Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Ireland. TLC Marketing Worldwide is the leader in loyalty, incentive and reward campaigns, working across 13 markets with clients such as Coca Cola, Nestle, BMW and Citibank. 

This is just the start of our exciting relationship with Wuaki.tv and we already have some fantastic ideas about how this reward could slot in with a number of our clients, old and new. If you're keen to hear more give us a call 020 7725 6000 or drop us an email.