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Free taxidermy with your pet insurance policy

Couple get their cat stuffed as part of their pet insurance plan

Posted by emma.critchley | 29 March

Harold and Joyce Grenville from Worthing enjoyed free taxidermy when their pet cat, Tabby passed away. The freebie was part of an incentive campaign run by a leading insurance company to encourage customers to choose their policy over competitor brands.

The insurance company ran the risqué campaign through global reward agency, TLC Marketing, who have been partnering household brands with their wide ranging network of partners, now including UK taxidermists for over 25 years. Once the campaign went live, within a few hours the promotional website crashed under the weight of pet owners with a desire for their furry friends to live on forever.

“Tabby was a member of our family for 15 years”, said Joyce Grenville, “We are just so glad that that we still get to see his affectionate face every day. Thanks to TLC and our insurance it’s like Tabby never left us”

So if like Harold and Joyce you would like to be with your beloved pet forever, then visit the website for more details. 

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