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Olympic inspired rewards

Campaigns inspired by the world of sport

Posted by danielle.gamage | 05 August

After another four years, the world waits patiently for the claxon to blow and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games to begin. Olympians have been spending the past couple of months training day and night whilst marketing directors worldwide have also been putting blood, sweat and tears into campaigns inspired by the world of sport. Brands have been capitalising on major events for years, so we take a look at a few TLC examples that run rings around the competition and take home the golden ROI.


Cahill, Rose and Smalling weren’t the only defenders playing this summer. Kaspersky Labs UK, the internet security giant, were able to reward their customers with football experiences to promote their well-played defence against cyber-attacks. Enter the “Best Line of Defence” campaign, made up of our very own exclusive network of sporting brands. Revealed: what did their UK Marketing Director say about the campaign? 


The World Cup 2014 was brought to life as Sony accompanied their new 4G phone and tablet, with a personalised retro football shirt, thanks to our special partnership with Toff’s. Sony wanted to share the enthusiasm for the matches in Brazil and while giving their customers a chance to support their team. See who else we partnered up with Sony to give their customers a great summer.


Since the London Olympics in 2012 and its wide exposure that filled our screens and entertained the country, families have been more inclined to endure in healthy lifestyles. We created a campaign that allowed Brioche to encourage children to go out and take part in a number of free sporting activities as a result of our National Kid’s Activities Network and National Sport Network. Active rewards are a great way for customers to associate your brand with health, fitness and, with accurate timing, a huge sporting event. Read more about the campaign here.


Big sporting events are golden for brands like Kellogg’s who are part of the movement towards health and fitness. With an ‘everyone wins’ promotional campaign, we were able to reward Kellogg’s customers with a check-up with a nutritionist member of ANSISA when they purchased one of the brands specific nutritional products. This enhanced the brand’s positioning and added credibility to their mantra. Read more about the campaign here.


We know that customers want more from brands and EE knew that their target audience wanted fitness incentives. So what did we do? We got the wearable tech giants FitBit on board as a partner to offer the mobile provider’s customers with rewards they would enjoy. The ultimate sports package, including a £50 e-card, could be claimed on the campaign site microsite and allowed EE to have a head start against other providers. Read more about the campaign here.

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