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The Christmas brief: your best friend or your worst enemy?

The Christmas brief: your best friend or your worst enemy?

The time has come, we are officially allowed to start counting down to Christmas which, at TLC means cracking open our advent calendars and replacing our usual playlist for something more festive. Nonetheless Christmas has been in our faces for weeks and the hot topic in the marketing press has been the television adverts. So we decided to have a discussion of our own, and sat down with TLC’s in house creative team to get their opinions on the adverts this year.

We started by tucking into the Marks & Spencer, The Art of Christmas ad. "I don't think I've seen Marks and Spencer this year" says Art Director Helen Connolly, but as it starts to play, "Oh yes. I have…" Followed by a quick "Oh no" This year we've been bombarded with a nightmarishly amount of products, and does very little in telling us any sort of story at all. Perhaps an attempt at differentiating themselves, making the brand younger, but is that what we want from a brand we have all grown up with? What happened to the “Magic and Sparkle” of the luxury and quality in which they've stood for all these years? And about that song! “The most overplayed song of 2015” claims Helen which, not only has no relevance to Christmas or the DNA of Marks and Spencer, it’s sung by an American. 

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Added Value Everywhere: TLC Marketing bring home a European IMC award

TLC Marketing take home a bronze European IMC 2015 award

TLC Marketing UK is delighted and extremely proud to announce that we have brought home a European Integrated Marketing Communications award for our B2B campaign - Added Value Everywhere (A.V.E.). Entry is purely by recognition, and only open to campaigns which have won an award in their own national awards programme. In the UK, the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Awards is the only entry route and is therefore the most highly regarded accolade in the industry. We are honoured our hard work has been so highly respected amongst marketing professionals.

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Create blockbuster campaigns with Wuaki.tv

TLC Marketing partner with Wuaki.TV

TLC Marketing have announced their partnership with video-ondemand service Wuaki.tv enabling their clients to launch blockbuster campaigns. The new partnership will combine the impact of the revolutionary Wuaki.tv service and TLC Marketing’s expertise in building sales promotion, acquisition and retention campaigns.

Customers will have access to over 1,200 films, “Our clients need to build a more comprehensive relationship with their customers by offering something  which earns emotional engagement. Wuaki.tv does just that. Opening up a world of film promotions. Whether it's a 2 for 1 card or credit for a film rental  we’re seeing more and more customer demand for streaming services so we’re delighted to work with the best in the business” says Andrew Spratley Group Partnership Director at TLC Marketing.  

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