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TLC Marketing is proud to launch TLC Trust

Posted by suzanne.rolfe | 28 August

TLC Marketing is extremely proud to launch TLC Trust, a global initiative focused on giving back locally, in the communities we work in. Through TLC Trust, each of our offices will be partnering with a local social project or charity to offer our skills/services and participate in fundraising events throughout the year.

TLC Trust Fundamental Principles:

  • We believe that social responsibility is not just for corporates, it’s for all
  • We believe that our People should have the opportunity to work for the greater good
  • We believe in sharing our skills with organisations who are trying to improve the communities in which we live and work
  • We believe in backing social entrepreneurs and innovators who, like us, are taking risks and breaking boundaries

If you are interested in hearing more or being considered as one of our Partner Organisations, please contact TLC on hello@tlcmarketing.com or 0800 485001