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TLC Marketing enters the premium league

Branded gifts and tangibles from TLC marketing

TLC MARKETING, the World’s leading lifestyle rewards agency, announces that they are entering the world of premiums. Premiums will be an innovative, dynamic sourcing and development service, specialising in the creation and manufacture of bespoke items.

TLC Marketing will provide expertise in a wide range of product development from ceramics and bags to mass plastic injection and electronics. The development of this new service will allow TLC Marketing to provide a comprehensive portfolio of reward options, from premiums to lifestyle rewards.

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TLC Marketing is proud to launch TLC Trust

TLC marketing customer rewards promotional agency

TLC Marketing is extremely proud to launch TLC Trust, a global initiative focused on giving back locally, in the communities we work in. Through TLC Trust, each of our offices will be partnering with a local social project or charity to offer our skills/services and participate in fundraising events throughout the year.

TLC Trust Fundamental Principles:

  • We believe that social responsibility is not just for corporates, it’s for all
  • We believe that our People should have the opportunity to work for the greater good
  • We believe in sharing our skills with organisations who are trying to improve the communities in which we live and work
  • We believe in backing social entrepreneurs and innovators who, like us, are taking risks and breaking boundaries

If you are interested in hearing more or being considered as one of our Partner Organisations, please contact TLC on hello@tlcmarketing.com or 0800 485001

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TLC Marketing's snapshot on digital camera polarisation

Award winning reward campaigns from TLC Marketing

The digital camera market has been on a dramatic decline over the last year with Future Source consulting estimating demand to have dropped by a huge 24%.

It's not surprising when we look around us and see the photographers of today. Everyone and anyone is a photographer, and the majority are using a smart phone. With smart phone penetration increasing ( 62.2% of Britons according to Our Mobile Planet by Google) this is a trend which isn’t looking to slow down.

The blurred line between digital cameras and smart phones is getting fainter, only last month Samsung decided to merge their camera and smart phone business units to encourage synergy. 

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Imagine if every cereal box came with a free sports session…

Award winning reward campaigns from TLC Marketing

That’s exactly what the team at TLC Marketing are proposing to some of our biggest brands in New Zealand.

TLC Marketing has scoured the entire country creating partnerships with some of the best sport session providers. With only six out of 10 children aged between five and 14 years participate in sport outside of school, (source: The Australian Bureau of Statistics) TLC Marketing feel this is where brands can step and in and help influence a change in lifestyles by offering fun sports sessions.

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TLC Marketing opens a new division, TLC Sport

TLC marketing customer rewards promotional agency

TLC Marketing launches a new global division that extends its offer of expertise to Sport marketing including new rewards and event sponsorships.

While enjoying a great winter of sports, from the World Cup to the Commonwealth Games, at TLC Marketing we felt there was no better time to announce the creation of a new division specializing in Sport marketing.

The growing Sports industry and its connection with the world of promotional campaigns, sponsorships and events is a reality. Consumers want to feel emotionally connected to their brands, and the values and passion that Sports generates are the perfect alternative to non-conventional communication.

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Our top tips to reduce basket abandonment this Christmas

TLC marketing customer rewards promotional agency

Christmas 2014 is going to be big for online shopping. Bigger than ever before. Last year online sales in December were up 12% year on year in Australia*.

Last year a survey by SmartCompany found that 65% of AU consumers were planning on purchasing Christmas gifts online.** Pretty exciting stuff… until you read that retailers are facing a basket drop off rate of 74%***

Globally approximately $US4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online shopping carts this year, and about 63% of that is potentially recoverable by savvy online retailers***

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