Welcome to TLC New Zealand

  • Vodafone fantastic fridays consumer incentive campaign

    Vodafone and TLC Marketing create that fantastic Friday feeling for customers across New Zealand

  • TLC in partnership with wearables

    Get a healthy return on your next promotion. TLC Marketing working with wearables.

  • Access over 60% of the world's music

    TLC Marketing partners with Universal Music Group


Our Rewards

Award winning reward campaigns from TLC Marketing

At TLC our business depends on trust. We have spent decades building strong relationships with our trusted reward partners, who range from independents to global brands.

We position our partners alongside the most reputable brands in the world.
We give them free visibility and marketing communication.
We direct new leads straight to their door. 
We put them in touch with people who live in their area
We create new relationships and generate incremental revenue
We give partners total flexibility in choosing which services & days of the week

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