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TLC Marketing and Philips Saeco exclusive customer rewards

Posted by tamar.riley | 02 April

TLC Marketing and Philips Saeco score a hat trick. The Philips exclusive customer rewards promotion is the third consumer incentive campaign run by TLC Marketing.

Philips Saeco wanted increased sales of selected Philips Saeco Coffee Machines during the Mother’s Day trading period. TLC Marketing responded by creating an everyone wins campaign which rewards a consumer purchase with a cash back value and a Vittoria Gift Pack (including coffee, latte glasses, book and chocolate powder).

Cash back values are available in varying amounts from $50, $100, $250.

Philips loves the idea of being able to customize a consumer gift, acknowledged and rewarded their vast customer demographic.

TLC Marketing has also delivered a 6 month magazine subscription and a free movie offer for up to 12 months with the purchase of varying Philips products.

Each campaign has been promoted via supporting point of sale in hundreds of participating retail outlets across Australia, including Myer, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Target and The Good Guys.