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TLC Marketing and ING Direct 2 for 1 Cinema Saver Rewards

Posted by tamar.riley | 01 April

TLC Marketing and ING Direct delivered a consumer incentive campaign first in Australia, 2for1 cinema tickets with 2for1 popcorn and drinks.

ING Directs brand’s challenge was existing customer retention while driving brand engagement. TLC Marketing responded by creating a 2 for 1 cinema saver rewards campaign, appealing to ING Directs broad demographic, with 2for1 cinema tickets valid for multiple use over a period of six months, along with 2for1 popcorn and drinks, an Australian first!

2 for 1 cinema tickets are valid at Events Cinemas and the National Cinema Network (126 independent cinemas nationwide)

The ING Direct 2 for 1 Cinema saver rewards campaign is delivered online through a dedicated website, and direct mail voucher