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How much does LOVE cost you every year?

Posted by suzanne.rolfe | 08 May

In 2013, Australians spent...

$37m on bling

$14m on cards

$300m on Chocolates & Confectionary 

$34m on romantic dinners

$46.9m on flowers

and $437 on love getaways 

Enjoy your share of the love this Valentines with a TLC Marketing everyone wins campaign. 

Cinema, hotel stays and spa days all have romance written all over them, but the same goes for days out, wine, dinning and hundreds of magical expereineces. 

TLC Marketing has two decades' worth of statistics proving that a TLC reward consistently out-performs offers and discounts that cost brands ten times as much. 

Celebrate Valentine's Day with TLC Marketing, excite your customers, encourage them to purchase larger amounts of your product, keep them loyal to your brand.